SylvaC Thimbles

SylvaC Timbles
The Sylvan Works factory was founded in 1894 by William Shaw and William Copestake and given the name of Shaw & Copestake. Copestake left that same year and Richard Hull joined in his place, but the Copestake name remained throughout. As the name Sylvan Works (the factory name) was already in use, Hull changed the trade name to SylvaC in 1935. 
Their main production line was ceramic novelty animals, with a large cross-section of designs; decorative and table ware was also produced. As thimble collecting gained popularity towards the end of the 1970s and into the 1980s, SylvaC introduced thimbles from October 1979, toward the end of their production life. They are no longer being produced as SylvaC ceased to trade in 1982.

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